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Plan Administration

Plan Administration

Granite Group Benefits will help you to attract, retain and reward your employees in today’s dynamic marketplace. Granite Group Benefits arranges all of the major services employers need to manage their employee benefits programs. Services include:

COBRA Administration

- Let a third party ensure you stay compliant, and remove you from ongoing collections and administration

Flexible Spending Account Administration (FSA)

- Help your employees save tax dollars and budget for predictable expenses, while saving the matching tax dollar for your company

HSA and HRA Administration

- Effective tools to help design a consumer driven health plan or deliver tax-free incentives to your employees

Group Benefits

- Choose among several viable options from medical insurance providers in your area, presented in a clear and concise format

Voluntary Benefits

- Add value to your company’s benefit plans without adding cost by allowing your employees to purchase their own individual policies; these policies may also fill gaps not covered by core company plans

Individual Benefits

- Give individuals not eligible for group benefits an option for medical insurance coverage

Medicare Benefits

- Provide those employees who are eligible for Medicare a review of all Medicare plan options

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