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Employee Communication

Employee Communication

Granite Group Benefits will help you to clearly and effectively communicate your benefit program to your employees during open enrollment and throughout the year. To respond to the needs of your employees, Granite Group Benefits created a platform to provide you with the administrative services that facilitate ease and accuracy in delivering materials to your employees. Our printed and web-based materials include:

Employee Benefits Booklet

– Customized benefit booklet with your company look and feel

Total Compensation Statements

– Customized statements showing employees the total value of their compensation at your company

Employee Wallet Cards

– Card containing all relevant contact information pertaining to the employee benefit plan


– Customized benefit and wellness newsletters for your employees

Posters & Payroll Stuffers

– Customized high quality communication posters and payroll stuffers to build upon your company’s overall communication strategy to employees

Online Enrollment

– Online enrollment tools that allow participants and HR 24/7 access to benefit election data

Employee Benefit Website

– A customized website built to give your employees instant access to plan and general company information

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Secure Email

Safe and most secure environment for exchanging sensitive and/or private information via email.

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